This year, I set off on a mission to finally kick the stress and anxiety that seemed to follow me around day in and day out. I’d been tired, antsy, and not showing up as my best self for way too long.

A few weeks ago I found these magnesium bath soaks. This brand had more than 1300+ raving reviews from people dealing with stress, insomnia, anxiety, achy muscles, and even arthritis and period pain. And since I struggled with most of those things ugh, I wanted to try it out to see if they would work for me too.

After 15 minutes with their Ache Erasing soak, I was puddy. My partner was not happy with me hogging the bathroom that month. But the baths were just too good.

Since then, Flewd soaks have been a weekly part of my self care routine. And they’ve helped me in so many more ways than just relaxing after a stressful day. Here’s a few.

1. I’m happier and more excited to take on the day

Seasonal depression is something I’ve been dealing with since moving out to Portland. The days are so gray and so wet (if you know, you know). But I’ve actually been feeling surprisingly good thanks to the Sads Smashing soak. It’s packed with nootropic micro-minerals that absorb easily through the skin, and helps your body produce more serotonin. It’s made a huge difference to my happiness and energy levels this fall and I feel so much less nervous about winter.

2. I’m calm from the inside out

Seriously. I’ve just been all zen’d out. I didn’t realize how much of my body’s reaction to stress and anxiety was related to my nutrient intake. No matter how much I was trying to control my external environment before, I would still get stressed – probably because like 4 in 5 adults,  I wasn’t getting enough magnesium. I love knowing that I can just pop a Flewd soak in the bath to replenish my magnesium and balance my cortisol levels. It’s seriously stress relief at the core.

3. I’m sleeping like a baby

I used to get stressed about sleeping poorly, then sleep poorly because of stress… you get it. I went from lying wide awake for hours replaying every possible scenario in my head about who-knows-what. Even after falling asleep, I’d still end up waking up multiple times throughout the night. Turns out, being stressed out actually releases adrenaline, which throws off our circadian rhythm. No wonder I had such a hard time relaxing, falling asleep, and actually  staying asleep through the night. The Insomnia Ending soak has been god sent for me in nicking the problem at the bud. After a nutrient packed soak, I’m relaxed, calm, and ready to catch some high quality zzzs all week!

4. My muscle aches get zapped away like magic

I know I’m not the only one catching up on emails while crunched into a ball in front of my screen. On days when all that built up tension makes my neck, shoulders, and back achy and tight, I know the Ache Erasing will fix me right up. I can actually feel the tension release and all my muscles loosen up. I also now use this for period cramps and post leg days – 15 minutes and poof, I’m… fixed?! It feels like magic.

How Flewd works

Unlike a lot of other bath products I tried, Flewd is backed by science. Flewd soaks have the highest concentration of active ingredients out of any bath product on the market – magnesium, nootropics, zinc, omega-3, and I-carnitine just to name a few. These nutrients nourish and replenish the body to dampen adrenaline and balance other stress causing hormones like cortisol.

Research actually shows that absorption through the skin is one of the best ways to load up on certain minerals and vitamins and replenish the body for up to five days - which is exactly what Flewd is doing.

What comes in The Sampler Pack

The Sampler Pack includes 12 soaks in 4 different varieties - 3 Anxiety Destroying, 3 Insomnia Ending, 3 Ache Erasing, and 3 Sads Smashing. Each soak does an amazing job at targeting each problem, so I’d definitely recommend trying them all!

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