I'm a bit skeptical about what I find on the internet.

There are just too many "miracle cures" out there for me to believe in. Too many creators looking to make a quick buck and too many big businesses pushing their own ideas of health and wellness.

It's not for me.

That was until I started to feel run down. Nothing major, just sluggish after meals, lethargic in the mornings, and that persistent fatigued feeling. After years of not living the healthiest, I knew it was time to start taking wellness seriously.

When a friend recommended Dose for Your Liver, I'll be honest. At first, I was skeptical.

What difference was a wellness shot going to make? Just one 2 oz shot every morning for life-changing results? It sounded too good to be true.

But with fatigue wearing me down, I said I'd try it for 6 months.

My Old, Sluggish Baseline

Somewhere between 30 and 40 things started to change for me.

I've always had a weakness for fried, fatty food. But then I started waking up feeling bloated, run down, and sluggish, with a brain fog that didn’t clear till my third cup of coffee.

This was my baseline: simply a feeling of not being my best. Nothing stay-home-sick serious, just a few days of not feeling great. Days which turned into weeks, then years.

One afternoon, I was moaning about this state of affairs over coffee with my friend Dan. He told me he'd been feeling the same, done some research, and found that this feeling stemmed from having a sluggish liver.

This sounded serious."It can be," he replied, "but the early signs of an overworked liver are fully reversible if you start getting back into a healthy routine."

The product he swore by? Dose for Your Liver, a 2 oz wellness shot you take once or twice a day to promote liver function.I got home and thought about it for a while.

"What have I got to lose?" I asked myself. A six-month trial from a skeptic like me would make a good article, at least!

I hit purchase, and a few days later, I had three 16 oz bottles of Dose for your Liver sitting on my kitchen table. I took my first shot.

Month 1: Getting Started

So, first things first, this stuff is delicious.

Once I had knocked back that first shot, I was already looking forward to the next. It's crisp, cool (put it in the fridge for best results), and extra refreshing. The mouth-watering taste of citrus mixed with turmeric's clean, subtle taste, and the beautiful orange color looks great, too. You won't miss your morning OJ, that's for sure.

The first shot was great, but I won't tell you I saw miraculous results straight away. I put the bottles in the fridge and went about my day.

It wasn't until the second week—14+ days of taking Dose continuously—that I noticed a perceptible difference.

I was waking up in the morning simply feeling better. I noticed my sleep improved, drifting deeper into sleep without waking for the bathroom or because of uncomfortable bloating. In the mornings, I felt better, too, with more energy, clearer skin, and improved digestion.

It turns out that this isn't just the placebo effect like many wellness products. In fact, Dose for Your Liver has been tested in a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial and found to generate real results.

That's no small feat for a wellness shot.

Months 2-3: Finding My Groove

Fast forward a few weeks, and we're into month 3. This is where the results are really starting to show.

Perhaps the biggest change I can notice is in my digestion. I'm much more regular than I used to be, and gassy bloat is a thing of the past. It's not a challenge to button the top of my jeans up anymore, and I am feeling great all around.

The only thing? I am hooked on this stuff! I really notice when I don't take it. I took my partner away for the weekend in month three and left Dose at home. That was a mistake! I started to feel the sluggishness by the afternoon of the first missed-morning and couldn't wait to get back to my cool shot of Dose.

Months 4-6: A New Routine

Months four, five, and six have been the best yet. Much lower levels of bloating, sustained improvements in my digestion and in my skin, higher energy levels, better sleep, clear headed… the list goes on.

It's incredible that this is the result of just one wellness shot, but it's because Dose really packs a punch. With a 100% organic ingredient list and no added sugar, Dose is healthy and sustainable.

Plus, each one of their ingredients is chosen for its benefits, then optimized for potency and bioavailability. That's why orange juice is swapped for orange extract — a 20 times more potent version that delivers more of the powerful antioxidants than juice alone. The same goes for milk thistle and turmeric. In Dose, you'll see 80% more actives than other milk thistle supplements, and curcumin—the powerful active that is 24x better absorbed into the body than standard turmeric.

The Verdict

It's now the end of my review trial and Dose for Your Liver is a firm part of my morning routine. It's something I don't even think about anymore — handy because I've got it on auto-delivery — and the difference is night and day.

I don't have the low energy, fatigued feeling I used to. Even though I still like to indulge every once in a while, Dose makes it easy to feel the benefits of a much healthier routine. Dose is a firm fixture in my fridge and I’m not alone — there are literally thousands of other reviewers who feel the same.

My verdict? It turns out that a 2 oz wellness shot is a game-changer, after all. Try Dose for Your Liver for six months here and see the benefits for yourself.

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